Sport at Colsehill Heath

Coleshill Heath's sporting mission is to produce happy, creative, healthy and motivated children, who will fulfill their full potential in sport.

It seeks to achieve this through an enlightened, disciplined and a broad P.E curriculum that responds to all children while retaining our core values.

Honesty        Kindness        Courage        Confidence

Sports Council

Year 4 Amelia and Jayden
Year 5 Scarlett and Heath
Year 6 Amayah and Corley

Keep Active

Why is physical activity so important for health and wellbeing?

We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life?

It’s a natural mood lifter.

Regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. You know that "feel good sensation" you get after doing something physical? Think of it as a happy pill with no side effects! Most people notice they feel better over time as physical activity becomes a regular part of their lives.

It keeps you physically fit and able.

Without regular activity, your body slowly loses its strength, stamina and ability to function properly. It’s like the old saying: you don’t stop moving from growing old, you grow old from stopping moving. Exercise increases muscle strength, which in turn increases your ability to do other physical activities.

It helps keep the doctor away.

Stand up when you eat your apple a day! Too much sitting and other sedentary activities can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Being more active can help you:

  • lower your blood pressure
  • boost your levels of good cholesterol
  • improve blood flow (circulation)
  • keep your weight under control
  • prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

All of this can add up to fewer medical expenses, interventions and medications later in life!

Active Together

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