Team CHS firmly believe in the importance of providing our children with a nurturing environment to help support their learning and development.

That is why CHS have chosen to become a Nurture UK school, following the six principles of 'Nurture' throughout our daily school lives.

What this means for your child?

• Through our Early Years and Connecting Curriculum, we help your children to develop life-long character traits, to enhance their self-esteem, to learn about themselves and to build resilience.

• The development of social and emotional skills is at the heart of all we do and how we speak to and teach your children.

• We use positive reinforcement and nurturing opportunities to support children to recognise and manage their emotions.

• We actively seek pupil voice through surveys, class discussions and School Parliament meetings.

• Transitions are carefully planned.

• Children feel safe at CHS and are supported to develop their emotional literacy.

• We understand children learn and develop at differently and this is reflected in

our curriculum and approaches.

For additional information, you can visit the Nurture UK website here