Safeguarding at CHS

All staff at Coleshill Heath School believe that our school should provide a safe, caring, positive and stimulating environment which promotes the social and moral development of the children.

​We take our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of our children very seriously.

If you are concerned about any safeguarding matters regarding the children in our school, please contact.

​Miss N Fowles - Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss C Budd - Deputy Headteacher (Strategic DSL)

Miss C Moore - Family Support, Wellbeing and Safeguarding Lead (Operational DSL and Child Protection)

Mrs N Catlow - Early Years Safeguarding, Welfare and Inclusion Manager (DSL)

Mr A Russell - Assistant Head Teacher (DSL)

At Coleshill Heath, we take the safety of our children very seriously. We adhere to the national guidelines for safeguarding and all staff are familiar with the 'Keeping children safe in education' document. We also understand the world is changing and that children and staff can be vulnerable to different types of radicalisation. All staff have undertaken Prevent training and the school have implemented a Prevent policy.

Safeguarding Policies

Other Safeguarding Information

Teaching & Learning Policies

School Policies


Following and living school life by the Coleshill Heath ‘Code of Conduct’ develops positive, life long values. It promotes and rewards good behaviour and manages and sanctions unacceptable behaviours. The Coleshill Heath ‘Code of Conduct’ rewards individuals and ‘teams’. Each child on entry to the school, is put into a ‘Code team’ (Confidence, Courage, Kindness or Honesty) each reflecting the core values of the school. Children are expected to demonstrate all these values.

The school is committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same. Our rules are concise, simple and clear so every child and adult can remember them and have them at the forefront of their minds. It echoes our core values: BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE SAFE.

Our Five Pillars

  1. All Adults are Required to:
  2. Model consistent calm staff behaviour
  3. Teach learning behaviours
  4. Give first attention to best conduct
  5. Script difficult conversations
  6. Invest in personal, restorative follow up

Roles and Responsibilities

  • All adults will:
  • Promote our school rules of being respectful, responsible and safe.
  • Model positive behaviours and build relationships
  • Plan learning that engages, challenges and meet the needs of all pupils;
  • Ensure praise outweighs anything negative
  • Meet and greet with the ‘Pivotal Handshake.’
  • Be calm and give “take up time” when going through the steps. Prevent before sanctions.
  • Follow-up every time, retain ownership and engage in reflective dialogue with pupils
  • All adults need to be a visible presence around the school.
  • Share good practice with one another.
  • Never ignore or walk past pupils who are not being respectful, responsible or safe.
  • Staff encourage use of ‘positive notes,’ and ‘positive phone calls’ and ‘over and above.’
  • Staff support one another in returning pupils to learning by sitting in on reparation meetings and supporting staff in conversations with pupils

Exclusion (Link to Local AuthorityWeb Page) Statutory Advice and Guidance