Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the times of the school day and where do I drop my child?

A: School times remain 8:50am – 3:20pm and children should be dropped off at the classroom door.

Q: Is Breakfast Club and The Den provision still running?

A: Yes, The Den is open and Breakfast Club will continue as normal at 8:30.

Q: Will clubs still be happening?

A: Unfortunately, clubs will not take place until further notice due to restricted exits.

Q: What if my child forgets their lunchbox or water bottle?

A: A drop-off hatch is available at the front of the school. Please refer to the signposting at the front of the school.

Q: Will celebration assemblies take place?

A: Celebration assemblies will continue as usual and specific parents will be invited.

Q: When will the main office reopen?

A: The main office will reopen when the damaged door has been replaced.

Q: If my child is ill or unwell, how will I be contacted?

A: The school phone lines will be open as usual.

Q: What happens if I need to collect my child during the day?

A: The collection point will be the Temporary Office.

Q: Will Year 6 boosters take place?

A: Yes, children will be collected for the Hub door by a member of staff. Please refer to the signposting at the front of school.

Q: What has the school done to keep the children safe?

  • A full risk assessment has taken place.
  • The school has had close contact from the police and the Local Authority.
  • Staff briefed about the safety measures in place.
  • Restriction of access points to safeguard children.