English Curriculum:

At Coleshill Heath School children are provided with a wealth and variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening opportunities which develop, secure and embed key English skills for lifelong learning.  These skills not only underpin children’s understanding across the curriculum, they are essential ingredients for instilling confidence and resilience, enabling them to fully access all areas of the curriculum - unlocking their unique potential.


In 2018 we became a  Talk for Writing school. Talk for Writing was developed by the author Pie Corbett. It is a fun, creative yet also rigorous approach to develop writers. All children at Coleshill Heath, from Nursery to Year 6, are taught to write through the Talk for Writing Process.

Talk for Writing starts with enjoying and sharing stories. Throughout the school, we place a strong emphasis on children reading stories and enjoying a range of literature. Through regular reading, we want children to build up an extensive and rich vocabulary for use in their own writing. Right from Nursery, children are taught to orally retell stories, and a love of reading is shared throughout the school.

During the initial 'imitation' stage of Talk for Writing, children learn to tell a story off by heart. They retell a text with expression and actions and make use of a story map to support their retelling. Once the story is learnt, children are encouraged to adapt it. At the 'innovation' stage, children make the story their own, for example, by changing the character or setting. Finally, at the 'invention stage, children write their own text independently, drawing on the range of skills they used within the 'Innovation' stage.

Writing at CHS