Getting it write, rite, right!

As a school we use 'No Nonsense Spelling' throughout Years 2 to 6.

 ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ focuses on the teaching of spelling, embracing knowledge of spelling conventions- patterns and rules; but integral to the teaching is the opportunity to promote the learning of spellings, including statutory words, common exception words and words that children personally find difficult.

The programme has been broken down into half termly plans and spelling will be taught alongside grammar and punctuation at least 3 times weekly. Each lesson will be approximately 10 to15 minutes long, but lesson plans are flexible so that the teaching can reflect the extra time needed on a teaching point if required.

The programme has been written broadly following a teaching sequence for spelling, whereby each new concept is taught, practised and then applied and assessed. By integrating activities for handwriting, the benefit of making a spelling activity kinaesthetic is secured. Children will acquire the physical memory of the spelling pattern as well as the visual.

There is a high expectation within the National Curriculum 2014 that pupils will learn many increasingly complex words. Within the programme, learning spelling patterns is built into each six-week block. Within the sessions a range of strategies for learning spellings are introduced and practiced. This enables pupils to choose the strategies they find most effective for learning different words.

Getting it Write