Reading CHS School Mission:

To ensure that all pupils at CHS foster a love and enjoyment of reading; promoting a varied and wide reading diet, mastering and unlocking the skills of reading for lifelong learning.

Our core belief is that the most important gift we can give to our children is the power to read and to instill a love of reading for pleasure. First we learn to read; then we read to learn.

Within the pages of a book the limits are boundless…

At Coleshill Heath School, reading is our superpower. We teach the children how to unpick texts using close reading strategies and also through the discreet teaching of comprehension skills.

We also focus on the direct teaching of fluency and model this with the children, through daily read aloud sessions and in whole class and group reading sessions.  We use the acronym F.A.S.E to focus the children on the core elements of improving fluency.

Finally, in order to develop and foster a love of reading, we have built a programme of whole school and year group specific events. See below for our calendar of exciting reading events!

Reading Events