At Coleshill Heath we want our children to 'Achieve beyond their imagination'.  

When the children enter Year 3 they will undertake a programme of Classics education which incorporates the Latin language. In the first instance they will be following the Maximum Classics scheme, where links will be made across the curriculum in areas such as art, History and Geography. This knowledge will then be developed further through the Minimus scheme. (Links are attached to this page)

We are supported in our Classics education programme by the charity 'Classics For All' and will be working alongside experts from Birmingham University.

We believe that learning Latin gives our children a strong foundation to move to high school and study other languages. The study of Latin also supports children's understanding of English and, in particular, grammar and etymology (where words come from).

Latin curriculum Progression

Maximum Classics
A course designed to give our children the foundations of the Latin language.

Minimus Mouse
This is a direct link to the Minimus home page, where you can find games, information about the family and key vocabulary.