Five reasons why extra-curricular activities are important!

5. Stress busters!

Nowadays, it is not just the working people and office-goers that undergo stress. Even young students have fallen pray to this! Competitive exams, competition in the class to come first, weekly tests etc. make the children succumb to stress. Apart from good sleep, extra curricular activities play a key role in busting this stress. They provide the much needed leisure and recreation. They cool the mind down and remove all the tension. They give peace.

4. Better time management and prioritising

When you are multi-tasking, you develop better time managerial and prioritising skills. You will come across many situations where you have to do more than one thing! And this requires time management, which is one of the most important skills everyone should possess. Also, prioritising is needed to make the right decisions in limited time. Big things should assume importance, in comparison with the insignificant ones. Participating in many activities will improve the childrens’ ability to handle different things and take on newer challenges.

3. Raise in self esteem

Inferiority complex and the lack of self worth arise out of a feeling of non-accomplishment. Many times, children who have not stepped out and tried anything may later get this feeling. If children are involved in many activities, they will not have the time to think negative thoughts. Doing many things gives them a feeling of self-worth and this raises their self-esteem. They become more aware and acquire more exposure, making them more knowledgeable and having more experience. They become bold and learn how to face life.

2. Holistic and all round development

People who are good at many things are preferred over people who can only do one thing correctly! When children are encouraged in extra curricular activities, they acquire many skills, which fosters their all round development. They grow holistically. If you are skillful in many things, it makes you more reliable. You also become independent.  You become multi-faceted and versatile. There will be many shades that define you, instead of a monochrome.

1. They harness talent, the right way!

There is some special talent in everyone. And this talent remains latent till it is woken up from its hibernation. This will happen if you start taking chances, grab opportunities and try out everything you can. Through extra-curricular provision children can identify their strengths and weaknesses. They will then discover a new side to themselves, previously unknown! It can lead to unconventional, but very rewarding career choices. It can even change their lives forever, for they discover what they are capable of achieving.