"Art encourages children to think, developing skills as they go!"

Kahl and Labrowski

Our Aim

At Coleshill Heath, we aim for our children to be able to develop their proficiencies in drawing, painting, colour theory, textiles and sculpture. Equipping the pupils with the skills to experiment, invent and independently create their own works of art. Alongside these different skills, we will then develop children’s knowledge and appreciation of a range of artists, where they are able to critique and develop their own creativity.
Sequencing of Talk 4 Art

We teach a knowledge rich, skills-based curriculum based on the Talk for Writing methodology (talk for art). Lessons are taught in weekly blocks on a termly basis and focus on studying a particular artist, which links to their curriculum project that term.


They start the Talk 4 Art week by looking at the focused artist, where they are from, what type of art they produce and how they became an artist. This will then move forward to practising the skills they will need for the rest of the week. This will include focusing on an artist’s piece of work and deciding what skills and steps they will need to imitate the artists piece of art.


The children will then imitate the piece of art, following on from their prior knowledge from the previous lessons. Once they have completed the imitation stage, they will evaluate and critique the piece of art. Their evaluation will include what they would change, what they liked and disliked about the piece of art and what mood the artist might have been trying to create.

After the imitation stage, the children will then look at the previous piece of art and how they critiqued it, looking at what they might change, how and why.


They will then go on to innovate the previous piece of art. During this stage, they might change the tool or material.  After they have innovated the piece of art, they will evaluate the skills they have done. This will include; how it has changed, what they liked and disliked, what mood they were trying to create, what they felt went well and what they could do to improve.

Independent Application

The final stage is the independent stage. Within this stage, children will be gathering all of the knowledge and skills they have learnt throughout the week and implementing these into their final pieces. This piece of art will link to their topic.

Once completing their independent piece, they will evaluate and critique their piece of art.


It will be evident over time that the progress, knowledge and skills of pupils will increase between EYFS and Year 6. When the curriculum was planned, the National Curriculums Key Stage Expectations were referred to, which ensures progression across the school.   

Oracy and Cross - Curricular  learning

Children will complete learning which leads to an oracy outcome. Throughout the Talk 4 Art approach, the children will continually be talking with each other about their artwork also discussing and evaluating the focused artist. Vocabulary is continuously embedded throughout the week when learning new skills and using materials.

Where appropriate, the Art curriculum is used to enhance the learning in other subjects. E.g. artists linked to the historical period that is being studied or styles of art linked to geographical regions that are being studied. Art is also a very useful tool in PSHE subjects.

The Real Art Team

Real Art Team