CHS has been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award for a period of three years. Thank you to everyone who was involved - we are very proud (please see report below)

LPPA Coleshill Heath FV Report

At Coleshill Heath School, we value the support and contribution our parents and carers make to their children's education.  We aim to support our families in a variety of ways and are hoping to have our excellent partnership recognised by being awarded with the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA).

What is the LPPA

The Leading Parent Partnership Award is at the heart of the LPPA Programme.

It is:

  • a recognised national award, suitable for all schools, academies, and other educational settings that work with parents and carers;
  • a developmental process, designed to meet the needs of each school or setting;
  • a rigorous but flexible framework, offering 3 routes to achievement;
  • compatible with Ofsted’s parental engagement requirements;
  • usually completed in 9-15 months.

How will the LPPA help us at CHS

The LPPA process will enable your school, academy or setting to:

  • improve the induction of parents when their children join the school*;
  • develop creative and practical ways to engage parents with their children’s learning;
  • improve communication between home and school, particularly using ‘new technologies’ to support this;
  • be really aware of the issues facing ‘harder to reach’ parents and develop strategies to break down barriers;
  • develop effective consultation strategies;
  • provide evidence that meets Ofsted’s requirement for parental engagement.

​*’School’ refers to any school, academy or education setting including Early Years provision.

Find out more about the LPPA

To find out more about the LPPA please visit:

If you have any suggestions or ideas of how we can strengthen our relationship with parents/carers, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

How are we doing?

CHS Home-School Agreement

At the heart of our parent partnership is our Home-School Agreement. This compliments our whole school vision and commitment, to ensure that 'every' child at CHS is happy, safe and reaches their full potential.

In addition to this, the agreement clearly sets out the commitment required from us, and our parents and carers to ensure that our partnership is as strong and successful as it can be, positively impacting upon both our children's progress and well-being.

Please read our agreement below, which has been tailored to suit our provision at each stage in the children's learning.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. 

Our Home-School Agreement

Parent Courses