As a school, we understand how our lives have been changed by the use of the internet and online gaming. We understand that many children use the internet and games consoles/gaming devices in their everyday life.

Coleshill Heath School would like to parents to be aware of the games and websites their children are using and as such would like to share some links that will help them to protect their children online:

SID Parents and Carers useful information and activities

Online Safety Presentations

A parents guide for Child Safety Online

Parent Guides for Apps

e-Safety websites for parents

A parent's guide to bullying and cyber bullying

Top Tips for Ipads

Top Tips for Iphones

A Parent's Guide to Online Safety - Online Gaming - BBC Susanna Reid introduces a short film made by CBBC outlining the risks involved in Online Gaming, on both PC's and game consoles. The film also identifies how to avoid some of the dangers and pitfalls involved in online gaming.

A guide to online gaming
A leaflet explaining what online gaming is and how to support your children.

Playstation 4 parental controls
How to keep your child safe on the PS4

Xbox One Parental Controls
How to keep your child safe on the Xbox One

Parental controls for Playstation 3
How to help your child stay safe on the PS3

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