We thought it would be useful to clarify our Senior Team as we continue to raise awareness with our parents and community about roles and responsibilities. Feel free to contact us with both positive and suggestive feedback.

Miss N Fowles

Whole School Responsibility, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching & Learning, Standards, Leadership, Vision, Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Miss C Budd

Deputy Headteacher
Strategic Lead for Behaviour, Safety and Welfare, Trained Designated Safeguarding Lead, Designated Teacher for Looked After Children and Named SENDco, Whole School Management and Organisation

Mrs J Robinson

Business Manager
Remit: Finance, HR, Health & Safety,Premises

Mr A Russell

Assistant Head
Remit: Assessment & Reporting, Pupil Premium and Behaviour Lead

Miss R Thomas

Assistant Head
Remit: Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Professional Development Lead

Ms S Ealing

Lead Practitioner
Remit: Professional Learning, Development and Research, Mentor: NQTs and Students, Latin Lead

Miss T Strong

Strategic Lead: Early Years
Early Years Foundation Stage Lead

Mrs K Gallier

Subject Lead: English
Subject Lead: English

Miss H George

Subject Lead: Maths
Subject Lead: Maths, Year 6 Teacher

At Coleshill Heath our CORE PRIORITY is to adopt a high performing culture so that EVERY child receives access to a safe, successful and highly positive environment... EVERY day.

We believe 'a team' should recognise individual strengths but work for a common purpose to foster a sense of collective responsibility. Additionally, we ensure that all teachers continue to be learners themselves by providing meaningful professional development oppurtunities and reflecting on our own practices.

Staff List 2020-2021


Miss N Fowles Headteacher
Miss C Budd Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Russell Assistant Headteacher - Assessment and Reporting
Miss R Thomas Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Leadership Team

Miss N Fowles  
Miss C Budd  
Mrs J Robinson  
Mr A Russell  
Miss R Thomas  
Ms S Ealing  


Miss T Strong Lead EYFS
Mrs D Johnson Teacher Nursery - Young Explorers
Miss N Gibbs Teacher Reception - Young Adventurers
Miss Z Bonehill Teacher Reception - Young Investigators
Miss S Thomson Teacher Reception - Young Creators
Support Staff
Mrs M Calthorpe  
Mrs G Wright  
Mrs J Harding  
Miss K Palmer  
Ms V Pope  

Year 1

Mrs H Pow Lead Year 1, Teacher - Milne
Miss K McCombe Teacher - Donaldson
Support Staff  
Miss L Anderson  
Miss C Johnson  

Year 2

Mrs K Gallier Lead Year 2, Teacher - Einstein
Mr D Day Teacher - Darwin
Miss C Wylde Teacher Year 2 - Newton
Support Staff
Mr McGann  
Miss T Lloyd [P/T]  
Mrs Flaherty [P/T]  
Mr M McCarthy  

Year 3

Ms S Ealing Lead Year 3
Miss L Boland Teacher - Kennedy
Mr M Stevens Teacher - Parks
Support Staff  
Mrs A Hunt  

Year 4

Ms C Whiting Lead Year 4, Teacher - Curie
Mr J Fletcher Teacher - Angelou
Miss S Hewitt Teacher - Pankhurst
Support Staff  
Mrs H Harb  
Mrs E Graham  

Year 5

Miss R Thomas Lead Year 5, Teacher - Malala, [AHT]
Miss K Watts Teacher - Mandela
Support Staff  
Miss K Morrissey  
Miss Hunt  

Year 6

Mr A Russell Lead Yaer 6, Teacher - Shakespeare [ATH]
Miss H George Teacher - Churchill
Miss J Robinson Year 6 Groups
Miss J Hayes Teacher Years 5/6 - Inspire
Support Staff
Mrs Binder  
Ms J Smith  
Mrs S Turrell  
Mrs Gibbs  

PPA Cover and Additional Capacity

Mrs S Ealing Lead Practitioner and member of SLT
Mrs K Faulkner  
Mrs D Hall  
Mrs C Holtom  
Miss T Strong  
Miss C Budd  
Miss C Budd SENDCO
Miss J Hewston Phase 1 SEN support, Assistant SENDCO
Ms J Smith Phase 3 SEN, Assistant SENDCO
Mrs D Johnson ASD Lead


Mrs S Owen Inclusion Manager: [SEMH/DSL/CP]
Mr M McCarthy Year 1/Year 2
Mrs S Turrell Year 3/Year 4/Year 5/ Year 6
Mr N Singh Network Manager

Admin Team

Mrs J Ballington Business Manager
Miss R Worrall Office Manager/Finance Officer
Miss N Hughes Secretarial/Admin Support
Mrs J Perry Secretarial/Admin Support
Miss R Thorneywork Secretarial/Admin Support
Services 4 Schools (GovernorHub) Clerk to the Governing Body

Site Management Team

Mr T Blunn Site Manager
Mr R Holmes Site Manager
Mrs D Black Senior Lunchtime/Cleaning Supervisor
Cleaning Staff  
Mrs S Drew  
Miss N Matthews  
Mrs C Rose  
Miss J Walden  
Miss D York [Relief Mrs M Horsley, Miss A Simpson, Mrs LWhite]
School Cook  
Mrs J Robinson  
Kitchen Staff  
Miss S Barrett  
Mrs K Brittle  
Mrs J Rawlings  
Miss J Walden  
Supervisory Assistants  
Miss P Bailey  
Mrs J Beck  
Mrs S Drew  
Mrs J Freeman  
Mrs J Frost  
Mrs M Horsley  
Mrs A Hunt  
Mrs J Hunt  
Mrs F Hoque  
Ms C Lane  
Miss N Matthews  
Mrs C Ray  
Mrs C Rose  
Miss A Simpson  
Mrs L White  
Miss D York [Miss K Kelly]  


Miss Strong

Mrs Faulkner

Mrs Holtom

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Salmon

Miss McCombe

Mrs Pow

Mrs Gallier

Mrs Whiting

Mr Russell