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A note from the Lead Learner and Headteacher

Welcome to Coleshill Heath School, a large community primary school, educating pupils between the ages of 3 to 11. At CHS you’ll discover a great learning environment in which all children are encouraged to reach their full potential. We invite you to be part of it and support our mission, our passion and ever evolving search for excellence.

We believe that all children can achieve and therefore, we are absolutely committed to providing a safe, positive and successful learning environment, every single day. We work to deliver our collective responsibility where every child is equipped with the skills to raise their aspirations; dream bigger, think harder, be challenged further, and come away with the message that learning is magical and can literally transform their lives.

It is our belief that every child has the right to excellence every single day of their educational journey. At CHS we are passionate about creating a warm and nurturing environment that is full of kindness in order to develop the social and emotional intelligence of pupils and staff. This drive for equity is a fundamental cornerstone of  our work because it drives the courage we need to navigate and conquer challenging circumstances.

The team at CHS pride ourselves on being approachable – we work with parents, children, staff and the community in a spirit of co-operation and support. That promise is to listen and respect the needs of the community through engaging in an honest dialogue about what we need to do differently and approaching our work through the mindset of service.

The pupils in our school will receive a well-rounded and holistic education in our care by encouraging pupils to build on their natural talents as well as gaining the confidence to discover new ones. With this view, sporting activities, outdoor education, residential experiences and the arts all play an integral part of the learning ethos at CHS.

Above all, we believe in the best because our pupils get one chance and deserve every chance to fulfil their potential. With this in mind, we are embracing the changes needed for our students, families, team and the wider community. Explore and enjoy the website but feel free to contact us and see our work in action.

Happy learning,

Miss Nicole Fowles

Strategic Lead, Whole School Responsibility, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching & Learning, Standards, Leadership, Vision, Strategic Planning and Evaluation

The Midland - Coleshill Heath School

Doug Wootton visits the new Coleshill Heath Primary School in Solihull.

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